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Anak Cerdik! Optimise your child’s potential by learning to code with AdikCode by Nexperts Academy

Expert Teachers

Our Teachers are highly competent and qualified Coders & Designers, expertise in children's education with bachelor's degree or higher.

Quality Education

Our teachers have a thorough knowledge of courses in order to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Life Time Support

Expert support and guidance. 24/7 Learning Assistants to guide you when you are stuck.

Project Based Learning

At Nexperts, we use Experiential & Project Based Learning Methodology and offer advance tech curriculum for the students of age 11 to 18 years.

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Тhrough its award-winning online courses, thousands of students learn how to code in real programming languages. Your child can dive into coding, game dev, or creative arts, and get hands-on with the hottest tech tools.

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Best Courses

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  • 32 Lesson
  • 5.0

Python Programming

Python is surprisingly easy to learn, so it's a good choice for kids.

RM 250 RM 500
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  • 32 Lesson
  • 4.8

App Development

In the App development course, kids will learn the basics of coding Apps for smartphones.

RM 250 RM 500
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  • 32 Lesson
  • 4.8

Game Design

Empower your kids to learn computer programming the fun way.

RM 250 RM 500
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Rich Training Experience With Trackable & Proven Results.


It is essential to us that every one of our students has an excellent experience in our classes. Quality of our classes and the satisfaction of both our students and you, their parents or guardians, is always our top consideration.


Great teachers make all the difference. That’s why we invest a lot of time into carefully selecting and training our awesome tech star teachers. We also provide continued coaching based on class observations and customer feedback.


We are always looking to improve all aspects of your experience at Nexperts Coding For Kids. Whether it is raising the bar for our classes or automating parts of our internal processes to make sure we never miss a beat, we want to give you the best experience in coding.


We aim to create an engaging platform where programming knowledge is acquired alongside 21st century skills through collaboratively playing and solving puzzles, inventing, creating and sharing.

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    Our daughter really enjoyed the challenge of the course and looks forward to the future sessions.
    - Amy S.
  • client image
    My son enjoyed this class very much. His instructor, was very engaging and relatable like a big brother versus a teacher. He made the class interesting and fun. Thank you!
    - Dorene F.
  • client image
    Trainer was fabulous , my child loved it. Trainer was patient, calm, and walked the kids through each and every step. Thank you!
    - Amir H.
  • client image
    Fantastic Many thanks for this great coding program for my kid.
    - Mohd. Firdaus
  • client image
    My son had a great time in class. At the end of each class he was excited to show me the projects he worked on. He even went and experimented on a few projects to see if he could improve them. Thank you!
    - Nurul A.

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